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National EBA Team Competitions 2017 / 18 Season               from Dennis Skayman

Update so far

We are still up and running in the following competitions

Top Club
Men’s singles, Ladies singles, Mixed pairs, Mixed trips, Mixed rink
1st round Louth (home) won by 12 points to 4
2nd round Sleaford (home) won by 12 points to 4
3rd round Spalding (away) Sunday 7th January 10.00 am

Egham Trophy
2 mixed rinks home, 2 mixed rinks away
1st round Louth won by 77 shots to 68
2nd round Horncastle won by 84 shots to 58
3rd round Spalding won by 84 shots to 68
4th round Nottinghamshire won by 88 shots to 73
Quarter finals Hartlepool at New Earswick (neutral venue) 12.00 pm A free bus is available for this game leaving the indoor at 9.45 names on list side of rink 1 if interested

Denny Cup
2 men rinks home, 2 men rinks away
2nd round Horncastle won by 95 shots to 47
3rd round North Cave won by 91 shots to 65
4th round Melton won by 84 shots to 82
5th round Nottingham Saturday 6th January 10.00 am

Vivienne Trophy
2 ladies trip rinks home, 2 ladies trip rinks away
1st round Charnwood walk over
2nd round Leicester Thursday 11th January 12.30 pm

Mason Trophy Lincoln A
1 ladies rink home, 1 ladies rink away
2nd round Dunholme won by 43 shots to 33
3rd round Boston Friday 19th January

Mason Trophy Lincoln B
1 ladies rink home, 1 ladies rink away
2nd round Louth won by 40 shots to 23
Lincoln 40 v 23 Louth
Betty Clark 24 v 9 C Smith
Sue Simpson 16 v 14 S Stainton
5 ends BC 4-2, SS 4-4 8-6
10 ends BC 18-5, SS 8-8 24-13
15 ends BC 23-7, SS 14-10 37-17
18 ends BC 24-9, SS16-14 40-23
3rd round Horncastle Friday 19th January

Home or away

In the below competitions are chances are over for this season

Men’s Over 60’s Double Rink
1 men’s rink home, 1 men’s rink away
1st Round Horncastle won by 44 shots to 33
2nd round Louth lost by 31 shots to 38

Yetton Trophy
2 ladies rinks home, 2 ladies rinks away
2nd round Scunthorpe won by 84 shots to 61
3rd round Dunholme won by 98 shots to 42
4th round York lost 57 shots to 86
Lincoln 57 v 86 York
Home rinks
Penny Strong 19 v 20 H Wood
Rene Walker, Juanita Lyon, Di Wilson-Rodgers, Penny Strong
Jill Edson 18 v 16 C Instone
Sheila Garrick, June Mills, Sheila Plaskitt, Jill Edson
Away rinks
Lin Mountain 8 v 27 H Walker
Lynda Jones, Sheila Cliffe, Jean Morris, Lin Mountain
Kath Draper 12 v 23 C Harrison
Jenna Earl,Lesley Holmes, Maureen Wilson, Kath Draper
5 ends PS 4-4, JE 4-4, LM 4-3, KD 3-6 15-19
10 ends PS 9-8, JE 6-11, LM 4-8, KD 5-11 24-35
15 ENDS PS 12-15, JE 12-11, LM 7-20, KD 9-16 40-62
18 ends PS 14-17, JE 17-15, LM 7-25, KD 9-22 47-79
21 ends PS 19-20, JE 18-16 (20 ends), LM 8-27, KD 12-23 57-86

Under 25’s Double Rink
1 rink home, 1 rink away
1st round South Forest won by 31 shots to 30
2nd round Boston lost by 35 shots to 39
Submitted date - Tuesday, 02 Jan 2018
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