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Home Page - Lincolnshire WIBA  

This Lincolnshire WIBA sub web will be used to maintain and display our competition draws and results along with some noticeboard and diary items.

Please note that the Scores & League Tables For The Trudy Bates are hosted separately on the Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association web-site (LINK BELOW) courtesy of Simon Reeson.

Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association web-site - click here

Noticeboard extract 1 -  Midland Counties

Lincolnshire -v- Warwickshire @ Sleaford IBC 12-30.p.m. start

M Johnson, J Taplin, J Morris, J Edson 39 - 13
J Jackson, J Earl, J Moody, P Scholey 20 - 16
K Maddison, S Pratt, S Tebbs, S Hoyles 26 - 12
J Conway, L Main, R Wing, J Thompson 21 - 25
J Rowe, M Billingsley, D W-Rogers, L Mountain 28 - 7
G Davies, M Belding, L HOlmes, O Wells 35 - 12
Lincolnshire 169 - 85 Warwickshire

Another great result - well done everyone
We think we have won the Midland Counties Malindy Trophy
again - just waiting for one result to come in.


Noticeboard extract 2 -  ATHERLEY TROPHY

29-2-2020 Lincs -v- Norfolk (semi-final) @ Boston 1-00.p.m.

S Plaskitt, J Morris, J Edson, A Dunham 21 - 20
G Davies, L Harris, R Hill, C Tomlin 32 - 11
J Jackson, M Belding, K Bailey, O Wells 16 - 18
J Rowe, M Johnson, L Holmes, L Mountain 12 - 23
L Finbow, J Earl, S Hoyles, B Deaton 21 - 18
H Holroyd, P Thompson, R Wing, J Thompson 22 - 10
Lincolnshire 124 - 100 Norfolk
A great result again - now for the FINAL

FINAL Lincs -v- Sussex at Nottingham IBC 1-30.p.m. start
Please come along and support your county team


More Noticeboard -


Nothing in the diary for today

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