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Home Page - Lincolnshire Bowling Association  

Welcome to our new home page.

Welcome to the new Website for the Lincolnshire Bowling Association.
We are grateful to The Lincoln Indoor Bowling Club for allowing us a section on this Website and also thankyou to David Lyon for setting it all up.
Sub Web Headings.

Officials: Lists of all Committe Members.
Noticeboard: Reports of what is happening.
Diary: List of all Activities.
Competitions: Click on Season for current year.
Click on Organisation for the Section you are looking for.
Click on Competition for Draw and results of Competition.
Honours Board: All competition winners are now listed here. All records are now up todate some date back to 1927.
Service Records: All officers of the County starting from formation of County in 1926

Latest noticeboard -  North and South Quarter finals

Lincolnshire Bowling Association Quarter Finals
Friday July 1st @ Nettleham BC
Rink 2 Asplen Harris Keith Richardson & Roy Elkington Branston V Brian Jackman & Paul Hickman Moorland Railway
Rink 3 Champion of Ch. Ben Clift Heighington v Michael Thompson Moorland Railway
Rink 4 Senior Mixed Pairs Sylvia Stainton & Alan Watson Eastfield V Brenda Barlow & Gordon Wood St Giles

North Area at Nettleham BC on Sunday July 3rd.

After the first session all starting times are approximate. Games will start as soon as Rinks are available
Rink 1 Gratton Paul Cook & Jonathan Darley Cleethorpes V Paul Hickman & Michael Thompson Moorland Railway

Rink 2 Carholme Steve Carr, Vic Deboer & Graham Teal Cemetery Road V Dennis Skayman, John Withers & Neil East St Giles

Rink 4 Weighall Simon Reeson Eastfield v avid Brammer Branston

Rink 5 Patrons June Wressell & Rob Skinner Cemetery Road V Chris Barber & Colin Taylor Cherry Willingham

Rink 6 Colin Smith Alex Scarbro Hykeham v Lee Johnson Monks Road

11.30 Rink 1 Colin Smith Steve Carr Cemetery Road v James Staples Perry Sports

Rink 2 Marie Denny Kirsty Cox, Paul Cook & Jonathan Darley. Cleethorpes V June Wressell, Graham Teal & Andy Bennett Cemetery Road

Rink 3 Champion of Champions Darren Barnard Scunthorpe v Simon Reeson Eastfield

Rink 4 Weigall Rob Skinner Cemetery Road v Mick Thompson Moorland Rail.

Rink 5 and Rink 6 Secretaries Trophy Draw made on day Mike Parr Carr Lane. Brian Jackman Moorland Railway.
Charles Morris Highfield House. Ian Robinson Cemetery Road

Rink 1 Asplen Harris Brian Clark & Tony Canner Brigg V Paul Cook & Colin Bridge Cleethorpes.

Rink 2 Marie Denny Jenna Earl, Jim Bean & John Horton Hykeham v Mick Foster, Maria Clarke & Mick Thompson Moorland Railway

Rink 3 Hopper David Cullum Cleethorpes v Brian Jackman Moorland Railway

Rink 4 Tom Mansfield Paul Hickman Moorland Railway v Tony Carline Waddington

Rink 5 Truman Roy Walker, Roy Greenan & Andy Scatcherd. Rose Leisure v Alan Dent Jnr. Alan Dent Snr. Phil Willerton. Cleethorpes

Rink 6 Hopper Phil Parker Cemetery Road v David Brammer Branston

Rink 3 Senior Mixed Pairs Pam Saxby & Dave Saxby Cemetery Road V Jean Welburn & Paul Hickman Lincoln

Rink 4 Tom Mansfield Neil Rowe Perry Sports v Colin Bridge Cleethorpes

Rink 5 Patrons Kirsty Cox & Jonathan Darley Cleethorpes V Maria Clarke & Michael Thompson Moorland Railway

Rink 6 Carholme Brian Jackman, Paul Hickman & Mick Thompson Moorland Rail V Paul Cook, David Cullum & Jonathan Darley Cleethorpes

Rink 3 Truman Ivan Dimbleby & Andy Barton Dunholme V Dennis Skayman, John Withers & Neil East. St Giles

Rink 4 Gratton John Markham & Neil Rowe Perry Sports
V Alex Scarbro & Martin Scarbro Hykeham

South Area Quarter Finals at Alford on Sunday July 3rd.
R1 Truman. Paul Newton, Chris Dexter, Brian Veasey Dysart Park v Ken Porter, Colin Box, Graham Porter Burton House

R2 Truman. Albert Shepherd, Ian Morris, Gary Kitchen Foreshore v Dick Dunham, Andy Dunham, Scott Dunham Carters Park

R3 Weigall. Andrew Bird Sleaford Town v David Gedney Spalding Town

R4 Colin Smith. Jonathan West BBC v Callum Campbell Sleaford Town

R5 Sen.Mxd. Pairs. Sue Carr & Bob Askey Burton House v Betty Deaton & George Deaton Spalding Town

R6 C of C David Gill Kirton v Jordan Philpott Ayscoughfee

R6 Secretaries. Bruce Allen Vacu Lug v Paul Caress Ayscoughfee

R1 Sen Mxd. Pairs Mick Faulkner & Cecilia Faulkner Billinghay v C. Kelly & Keith Kelly Alford

R2 Asplen Harris. Ron Flowers & G. Palmer Carters Park v Tom Scholey & Neil Rogers Castle Tattershall

R3 Gratton. Jason Lewis & Neil Smith Grantham v Alan Buxton & Scott Whyers BBC

R4 Tom Mansfield. David Gill Kirton v George Deaton Spalding Town

R5 Patrons. Olive Wells & Tracy Nunn Horncastle v Sandra Tebbs & Jonathan West (Rod West sub) BBC

R6 Hopper. Martin Spencer Mail Cart v Steve Boucher Horncastle

R1 Marie Denny. Albert Shepherd, Ann Shepherd, Brian Kilby Foreshore v Betty Deaton, George Deaton, Maurice Elding Spalding Town

R2 Marie Denny. Sandra Tebbs, Scott Whyers, & Jonathan West (Rod West sub) BBC v Tony Sumner, Ruth Sumner, Jason Lewis Grantham

R3 Carholme Paul Caress, Chris Warboys, Ashley Caress Ayscoughfee v Ken Porter, Colin Box, Graham Porter Burton House

R4 Patrons Gillian Annison & Peter Annison Sleaford Town v Maxine Coleman & Dave Coleman Mail Cart

R5 Carholme A. Smith, Richard Musson, Paul Roberts Helpringham v J. Jordan, Paul Hudson, Ian Morris Foreshore

R6 Hopper Peter Smith Mareham v Trevor Bannister Helpringham

R1 Secretaries. Ian Morris Foreshore v Richard White Burton House

R2 Gratton John Burkitt & Steve Stevens Spilsby v Nick Wing & Wayne Phoenix Spalding Town

R3 Asplen Harris. David Gill, & Geoff Parker Kirton v Albert Shepherd & Brian Kilby Foreshore

R4 C of C Tony Sumner Grantham v Gary Kitchen Foreshore

R5 Tom Mansfield Keith Kelly Alford v Bruce Allen Vacu Lug

R6 Weigall Paul Hudson Foreshore v Jonathan West BBC

Walk-over direct to semi finals
Under 25 Pairs Ben Wilson & Jordan Philpott Ayscoughfee
Oliver Gedney & David Bristow Spalding Town &, Donington
Jonathan West & partner BBC
Colin Smith David Bristow Donington

More Noticeboard -

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Nothing in the diary for today

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