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Home Page - Lincolnshire Bowling Association  

Welcome to our new home page.

For appearancesWelcome to the new Website for the Lincolnshire Bowling Association.
We are grateful to The Lincoln Indoor Bowling Club for allowing us a section on this Website and also thankyou to David Lyon for setting it all up.
Sub Web Headings.

Officials: Lists of all Committe Members.
Noticeboard: Reports of what is happening.
Diary: List of all Activities.
Competitions: Click on Season for current year.
Click on Organisation for the Section you are looking for.
Click on Competition for Draw and results of Competition.
Honours Board: All competition winners are now listed here. All records are now up todate some date back to 1927.
New Addition to Honours Board this year is County Ties awarded for 100+ & 200+ & 300+ Games for the County. We do not have record of year when they where presented so have used current year except for those no longer with us,
Service Records: All officers of the County starting from formation of County in 1926


Latest noticeboard -  Derbyshire Trophy

Lincolnshire travelled to Norfolk for the final game in the Derbyshire Trophy needing just one point to qualify for the National Final. This game had been re arranged owing to the Snow and conditions for Travel were not a lot better leaving Lincoln but improved once we reached Holdringham Roundabout.
Match Result
Norfolk 4 Points (91 Shots)
Lincolnshire 10 Points (107 Shots)

After five ends Ryan Jackson, Richard Ashton and Billy Jackson led by 5 – 1, Ian Clark, Adrian Field & Trevor Bannister led 7 – 1. Dennis Skayman, Paul Flatters & Chris Gill were down by 4 – 6. Sam Ashton, Steve Derby & Colin Barks trailed 1 – 8. Overall, we trailed 20 – 21.
At ten ends Billy led by 9, Trevor led by 5 Chris led by 2 and Colin was 12 down. Overall, we had gone into the lead by 4.
At 15 ends Billy increased his lead to 14, Trevor led by 6, Chris was 1 down and Colin 15 down. Overall, we led by 3.
At 20 ends Billy was 16 clear, Trevor led by 5. Chris was now 8 shots down. Colin's Rink had pulled back to just 10 shots down. Overall, we led by 6.
A strong finish from all Rinks was needed to maintain our unbeaten record.
After 23 ends Billy's Rink gave us our first points as they led by 24 shots with only 2 ends left to play.
The first Rink to finish was Colin losing by 19 – 30.
Next off was Billy winning 38 – 11. At this point the other 2 Rinks were playing their last end and overall our lead was 13 and now the aggregate was safe.
Trevor picked up 2 more shots on the last end to finish winning by 33 – 25.
Chris scored 1 on their last end to lose by 17 -25. So, we had won by 16 shots and by 10 points to 4.
Next up is the Final at Newark on Saturday April 28th with a 1.30 start.


More Noticeboard -


Nothing in the diary for today

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