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Home Page - Lincolnshire Bowling Association  

Welcome to our new home page.

For appearancesWelcome to the new Website for the Lincolnshire Bowling Association.
We are grateful to The Lincoln Indoor Bowling Club for allowing us a section on this Website and also thankyou to David Lyon for setting it all up.
Sub Web Headings.

Officials: Lists of all Committe Members.
Noticeboard: Reports of what is happening.
Diary: List of all Activities.
Competitions: Click on Season for current year.
Click on Organisation for the Section you are looking for.
Click on Competition for Draw and results of Competition.
Honours Board: All competition winners are now listed here. All records are now up todate some date back to 1927.
New Addition to Honours Board this year is County Ties awarded for 100+ & 200+ & 300+ Games for the County. We do not have record of year when they where presented so have used current year except for those no longer with us,
Service Records: All officers of the County starting from formation of County in 1926

Latest noticeboard -  Skegness 2017

2 National Titles and 1 Runner up, and 2 Semi Finalists is a good result for Lincolnshire this week.
Congratulations to David Bristow and Trevor Bannister on winning the Men's Pairs. Click on link at bottom of the page to see photo. Also to Rod West and his Reg Wright Team winning the Under 25 Team Championship. Jonathan West losing in the Final of the Under 25 Singles.

All the Lincolnshire Results
Reg Wright Final
Lincolnshire 78 Suffolk 65
Lincolnshire Scores
Adam Berridge, Alex Scarbro, Ollie Gedney – Won 23 – 19
Aaron Wild, Adam Hodgson, Ben Wilson – Won 27 – 23
Nathan Dunnington, Paul Oke, David Bristow – Won 28 – 23

2 Bowl Singles
Round 1. Andy Willey Lincolnshire 21 v Paul Bennett North Cambs 13
Round 2 Andy Willey 21 v P Freeman Northumberland 14
Semi Final Andy Wiley 20 v S Slaughter Cleveland 21

4 Bowl Singles
Round 1. Andy Willey Lincolnshire 21 v W Burrage Norfolk 20
Round 2. Andy Willey 19 v T Pope Durham 21

Secretaries Singles
Round 1. Paul Grimbleby Lincolnshire 21 v M Oliver North Cambs 7
Round 2. Paul Grimbleby 15 v B Shepperson Derbyshire 21

Under 25 Singles
Round 2. Jonathan West Lincolnshire 21 v W Marshall Nottinghamshire 11
Semi Final Jonathan West 21 v D Moss Suffolk 20
Final Jonathan West 13 v J McKenna Durham 21

Senior Singles
Round 1 John Markham Lincolnshire 21 v S Botten North Essex 11
Round 2 John Markham 10 v B Watcham Cleveland 21

Champion of Champions
Round 1 Paul Hudson 15 v Chris Hanslip Humberside 21

2 Bowl Pairs
Round 1. David Bristow & Trevor Bannister Lincolnshire 26 v I & J Dickinson Cleveland 5
Round 2. David Bristow & Trevor Bannister 22 v R Claxton & C Parfitt Suffolk 9
Semi Final David Bristow & Trevor Bannister 20 v A Jobling & L Malone Durham 14
Final. David Bristow & Trevor Bannister 19 v C Cheetham & Russ Robinson 15

Senior Pairs
Round 1 Paul Cook & Michael Forster Lincolnshire 15 vJ Hunter & K Breame Norfolk 21

Mixed Pairs
Round 1 Ruth & Andrew Bird Lincolnshire 16 v Chloe Brett & Nick Brett Hunts 13
Round 2 Ruth & Andrew Bird 13 v C Morton & S Law Northants 19

Senior Mixed Pairs.
Round 2. Brenda Rice & Neil Salmon Lincolnshire 11 v D & J Hambling Suffolk 13

Under 25 Pairs
Round 2. Jonathan West & David Bristow Lincolnshire 14 v H Ward & Ed Elmore Hunts 15

2 Bowl Rinks
Round 2 Maurice Elding. George Deaton & Wayne Phoenix Lincolnshire 20 v B Footer, T Baker & V Hudson Norfolk 9
Semi Final Maurice Elding. George Deaton & Wayne Phoenix 12 v K Moore, M Harvey & R Searle North Essex 23

3 Bowl Rinks
Round 2 David Bristow. Ray Lockey &Trevor Bannister Lincolnshire 16 v J Ivatt, T Tomizzi & Ian Lawson North Cambs 18

Mixed Rinks
Round 1 Ruth & Tony Sumner. Jason Lewis Lincolnshire 23 v I Parker, C Jerrey & L. De Vere Packford Suffolk 7
Round 2. Ruth & Tony Sumner. Jason Lewis 6 v S, V. & J Newson Northants.23
...Click here to view all detail with pictures.

More Noticeboard -

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Challenge Bowl.Ron Kitchen Results & Skegness Advance Programme...Click here to see more of this
2017 County Finals ...Click here to see more of this
North & South County Quarter Finals...Click here to see more of this

Nothing in the diary for today

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