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Home Page - Lincolnshire Bowling Association  

Welcome to our new home page.

Season 2022

The draws for the outdoor competitions are now live on the web site as are the up to date positions in the indoor competitions.



Noticeboard extract 1 -  Skegness Schedule 2022 for Lincolnshire Qualifiers

The schedule for Lincolnshire qualifiers has been sent to them by email and to all Club Secretaries.
The full draws for Skegness can be found at


Noticeboard extract 2 -  County Semi Finals and Finals Saturday 16th July and Sunday 17th July at Burton House

Lincolnshire Bowling Association.
County Finals at Burton House Bowls Club Saturday 16th July and Sunday 17th July.
Dress required: White trousers/skirt and club or white shirt (all players are to wear identical shirts), white shorts are allowed (EBF approved only – NO OTHERS).
Players to report 20 minutes before the start time. After the first session all games will commence when rinks are available, and timings are approximate. Refreshments will be available on both days. Programme may alter due to duplication of players in the finals

Rink 1 - Gratton 1
R Feetham, I Walker (Dunholme St Giles) v R Wells, D Elsam (Mareham)
Rink 2 – Tom Mansfield 1
J Markham (Shires) v D Brammer (Branston) Marker:- Jason Lewis
Rink 3 – Weigall 1
P Howden (Heighington) v M Thompson (Moorlands Railway) Marker:- Stephen Cornwell
Rink 4 – Truman 1
C Mycock, C Cherry, E Cherry (Castle Spalding) v P Grimbleby, R Skinner, T Smalley (Scunthorpe)
Rink 5 – Asplen Harris 2
J Stray, K Rockall (Freiston) v N East, A Weir (Dunholme St Giles)
Rink 6 Truman 2
P Roberts, A Smith, J Cross (Helpringham) v G Lamplough, C Read, D Horton (Railway Sports)
Rink 1 – Marie Denny 1
R Skinner, S Blakey, M Drague (Scunthorpe) v K Moore, N Mapletoft, G Campbell (Sleaford Town)
Rink 2 – Weigall 2
A Bird (Sleaford Town) v D Gedney (Burton House) Marker:- Stephen Cornwell
Rink 3 – Jack Hopper 1
P Hudson (Friskney) v D Pickley (Nettleham) Marker:- Geoff Parker
Rink 4 – Secretaries 1
M Thompson (Moorlands Railway) v A Smith (Helpringham) Marker:- Roger Quinton
Rink 5 – Asplen Harris 1
G Teal, V De Boer (Brumby Hall) v T Bannister, J Cross (Helpringham)
Rink 6 – Tom Mansfield 1
E Wakefield (Castle Spalding) v R White (Burton House) Marker:- Paul Grimbleby
Rink 2 – Marie Denny 2
C Mycock, C Cherry, M Wheatley (Castle Spalding) v C Smith, M Regan, G Teal (Brumby Hall)
Rink 3 – Gratton 2
G Lamplough, C Read (Railway Sports) v D Caress, S Hill (Royal Mail Cart) Marker:-
Rink 5 – Jack Hopper 2
M Thompson (Moorlands Railway) v D Gedney (Burton House) Marker:-

Rink1 - Gratton Final
Rink 2 - Tom Mansfield – Final Marker:-
Rink 3 – Aspen Harris – Final
Rink 4 – Marie Denny Final
Rink 5 – Truman Final
Rink 6 - Jack Hopper Final Marker:-
Rink 1 – Carholme 1
D Skayman, N East, C Barks (Dunholme St Giles) v C Smith, G Teal, V De Boer (Brumby Hall)
Rink 2 - Senior Mixed Pairs
J Markham, A Rena (Shires) v P Kitt, R Clark (Alford)
Rink3 - Weigall Final Marker:- Paul Hudson
Rink 4 – Secretaries 1
J Stray (Freiston) v P Grimbleby (Scunthorpe) Marker:-
Rink 5 Patrons 1
C Gill, S Hoyes (Kirton) v A Bird, Mrs Bird (Sleaford Town)
Rink 6 – Carholme 2
T Bannister, P Oke, D Bristow (Helpringham) v I Clarke, G Morris, R White (Burton House)
Rink 1 – Colin Smith 1
H Mycock (Castle Spalding) v J Cherry (Castle Spalding) Marker:-
Rink 2 - Colin Smith 2
N Dunnington (Boston West End) v D Stanley (Carr Lane) Marker:-
Rink 3 - Patrons 1
P Grimbleby, S Grimbleby (Scunthorpe) v J Darley, K Cox (Cleethorpes)
Rink 4 – Senior Mixed Pairs
P Cook, G Bolt Cleethorpes) v K Jackson, C Jackson (Moulton Horrox)
Rink 5 – Cyril Ryan 1
P Hickman (Moorlands Railway) v S Dunham (Carter Park) Marker:-
Rink 6 – Cyril Ryan 2
A Dent Jnr (Cleethorpes) v C Cleary (Foreshore) Marker:-
Rink 1 – Secretaries – Final Marker:-
Rink 2 – Cyril Ryan – Final Marker:-
Rink3 – Senior Mixed Pairs – Final
Rink 4 Colin Smith – Final Marker:-
Rink 5 – Carholme – Final
Rink 6 – Patrons - Final


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