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2017/18 Winter season fixtures, handbooks and Captain's Sheets are all available now on line and can be collected from the club.
A sheet has been printed for all team captains to enable them to roster their teams for the season and then photocopy as many as are required. Photocopies can be obtained at the club also (10p per copy. There's also a Captain's Sheet facility on line which can be used by selecting it under the 'Leagues' option in the left hand menu. Please ask Danny if you require help.

The Evening Australian Pairs league reverts back to Fridays only this year with matches at both 6.30 and 8.30pm so be careful and take note of the Captains Sheet timings. Captains in Division Two of this League should note that in order to retain a team that entered in error (thinking it was the afternoon Aussie Pairs league), some fixtures which appear in the handbook at 8.30pm have been moved to 6.30pm. This team affects P20 and their opponents so check carefully. For peace of mind the Captains Sheets both in the club and on line are correct.

A reminder to members that the club will operate Summer opening hours until 7th September 2017:

Monday 08:00 - 8.45pm
Tuesday 08:00 - 8.45pm
Wednesday 10.00 - 8.45pm
Thursday 08:00 - 8:45pm
Friday 10.00 - 8.45pm
Saturday 08:00 - 12:00 & 6:00pm - 9:30pm
Bank Hols CLOSED

Winter hours will commence on Friday 8th September 2017.


Coach's Corner:
Set up  
- by Howard Jarrold

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The winter season is just around the corner, and a few outdoor bowlers are coming in to get the feel of the indoors again. In adjusting to the different surface why not give your game an MOT , starting with your set up. If you are a bowler who does not have a set routine and/or has no clear objective in mind. will I hope, find this article of use.
Apart from practice all the good players in all sports have certain things in common. They all have a set routine and a clear objective of what they want to achieve. These two things are drummed into players in most sports. Golf is a prime example. ....... ....... .......

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Noticeboard extract:
Summer Competitions Finals.  
- by Rodger Foster

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Friday 25 August @ 18:30.
Summer Drawn Triples.
Summer Australian Pairs.
Summer Handicap Singles.

Thursday 31 August @ 18:30.
Summer Singles.

Friday 1 September @ 18:30.
Summer Pairs.
Summer Pairs Plate.

Rodger Foster
Competition Secretary.

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Noticeboard extract:
- by Steve Traynor

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Winter Singles league programme is now available on the website and on the Notice Board as you enter the club. Due to rink fees being increased from September the payment required at the start of each period is now £11. I also intend to forward fixtures to players via email. Let me know if you have any questions.


Noticeboard extract:
SOS - TEAM E47 CYNERS - Can you Help!  
- by Danny Brown

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I have been informed by the captain of the above team this morning that the team has unavoidably disbanded due to a variety of serious issues.

If you are (or know of anyone who is) interested in playing in the Early Evening 6.30pm league this coming winter, we would like to form a new squad for this team to avoid cancelling fixtures at a cost to the club!

Maybe a group of friends are considering league bowling for the first time and haven't yet taken the plunge? Well now's you chance! Please let me know if you are interested either as a group or as an individual and can arrange a roster ....... ....... .......

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Noticeboard extract:
- by Danny Brown

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At their recent meeting in late July, the Board of Club Directors took stock of all of the recent expenditure to upgrade the club facilities.

Over the last two or three years we have seen many costly refurbishments for the benefit of all our club members including:

* LED Lighting above the bowling surface
* Ladies and gents toilet refurbishments
* A much needed car park extension
* Upgraded Air Conditioning equipment

These projects alone have cost the Company well in excess of £180,000 and despite many generous donations from members, we are still paying off a ....... ....... .......

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