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Mobility               from Howard Jarrold

Welcome to a new year that will, hopefully, bring good health and happiness to you all. May I suggest a resolution which will take you some way along that road.
Roughly 80 % of members are in the autumn of their lives and with that comes a loss of mobility either from illness or from the natural ageing process. Some of us have a double whammy i.e. illness and age where one has an effect on the other. The cross that I have to bear is Parkinsons which is degenerative and incurable . I accept those two and consider myself very lucky, for it could have been M S, M N D , or Huntingtons. As with a lot of illnesses the bits that you can't see are the big problems and the other symptoms, in my case tremor slowness and lack of co-ordination are the outward manifestations of the disease. So what is it that I have to do to get mobile and will help others with their mobility.
The answer is stretching. I have advised two members this year already on how to be more agile which results in not bumping the bowl into the carpet. In a lot of cases it is purely a bad habit but the majority of cases mobility plays a part. Both members have started stretching and both are amazed at how much more agile they feel.
Stretching muscles can be likened to rubbing together elastic bands to make them more pliable. I have to do 15 mins each morning to get myself moving. I urge all of you to do at least 10 mins every day. I promise you it will be worth it. Just google ' how do I stretch my muscles ' and away you go. If in doubt about anything check with your G P first.
If you are a bumper of the bowl, stand on the mat and bend your knees 2 inches more than you normally do and then deliver as normal. That will help 50% of you. Most of the rest of you will probably need a bit of help.
I am available Tues and Wed mornings 8.30 to 10.30 if you need help. Booking is essential 07754 289174
Happy New Year
Submitted date - Sunday, 14 Jan 2018
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