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Lincs League Results so far               from Dennis Skayman

Lincs Men
Boston A away won 16 points to 2 103 shots to 83
Scunthorpe home won 18 -0 125-75
Louth A away won 15-3 101-77
Boston A home won 13-5 95-75
Next 2 matches
Saturday 27th January Stamford A home
Sunday 28th January Stamford A away
The Mens team sit top of the table at New Year with 62 point, 25 points in front of second place Stamford.14 games unbeaten since Richard Ashton took on the captains roll. No pressure there then !

Over 60’s A
Louth home won 14-4 163-71
Boston A home lost 5-13 96-108
Stamford away won 16-2 121-84
Boston A away won 15-3 110-80
Scunthorpe home won 18-0 142-63
Lincoln B home won 16-2 125-77
Next Game Thursday 25th January Lincoln B away
After 6 games Terry Walkers men sit top of the table with 84 point but any slip ups and Boston A are hot in per suit on 66 points

Over 60’s B
Louth away lost 2-16 77-108
Sleaford home won 10-8 103-98
Stamford away won 14-4 100-92
Boston A home won 14-4 117-81
Lincoln A away lost 2-16 77-125
Next 2 games
Wednesday 4th January Boston A away
Thursday 11th January Scunthorpe home
Mike Rackham’s team sit in mid table after 6 games with the second encounter against the A team still to come a win against them and 4 home games to 3 away to finish. I think the management committee will be expecting top 3 by the end of the season.Captain what's your thought's?

Over 60’s C
Horncastle away lost 0-18 81-107
Boston B away lost 3-15 66-101
Grantham home lost 4-14 89-90
Spalding away lost 4-14 74-110
Dunholme away lost 3-15 76-104
Skegness away lost 2-16 92-117
Next 2 games
Thursday 4th January Skegness home
Thursday 18th January Boston B home
Jim Thomas boys are still looking for their first win of the season, with 5 home games and only one away remaining home advantage should see them get a win before the finish?

Mixed A
Louth A away lost 2-16 88-130
Stamford home won 12-6 94-87
Scunthorpe home won 15-3 127-76
Horncastle away lost 0-18 60-142
Spalding away result not in
Next game Saturday 13th January Scunthorpe away
2 wins and 2 losses for Lynda Jones squad it’s still a bit early to say what their season will bring.

Mixed B
Boston home lost 2-16 74-109
Skegness away lost 2-16 67-104
Dunholme away lost 4-14 80-103
Grantham home won 14-4 108-76
Boston away lost 2-16 72-141
Louth B away lost 6-12 87-105
Next game Saturday 20th January Dunholme home
Sue Simpson and Judy Payne are doing a great job in keeping this team going 2 wins out the last 4 should see them escaping the wooden spoon.

Trudy Bates
Louth away lost 2-14 88-112
Dunholme home won 15-1 125-76
Scunthorpe away lost 4-12 78-92
Horncastle home won 14-2 114-84
Horncastle away result not in
Next game Monday 8th January Dunholme away
Not sure what the pre Christmas result was against Horncastle. But a close finish looks on the cards with only 7 point separating the top 4 in this league.
Submitted date - Tuesday, 02 Jan 2018
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