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 SUNDAY COACHING - 13th OCTOBER 2019 - from the manager

Those who have a Club Handbook will know that the Professional Bowls Association (PBA) have booked the greens on Sunday for the World Pairs Qualifiers and there is no Sunday coaching planned for 13th October 2019.

However, we are unsure if this message has been conveyed to all the new people who have attended our Sunday Coaching Sessions thus far.

If people do turn up for Coaching on Sunday, we will endeavour to beg some rink space from the PBA but this may not be possible.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Sunday Coaching sessions will continue as normal at 4.30pm from Sunday 20th October 2019.

  • The Club's playing membership has fallen from 1065 in 2013 to 900 in 2019.
  • The average age of an LIBC member is ever increasing.
  • Quite a few members give up the game year on year due to illness etc.
  • On average, approx 100 new members sign up each year.
  • But only 50 of those remain with us longer than two years.
SO WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT?  The Board of Directors and the Club Management Committee recognise that there is an urgent need to both recruit and retain members if we are to sustain the Club. They are taking active steps to address these issues and further improve both our support and facilities for new members including::
  • Agreeing an Action Plan with the assistance of the Bowls Development Alliance.
  • Massively increasing our effort towards advertising and marketing the club in the Lincoln area. 
  • Creating the 'LINK UP' initiative dedicated to assisting and integrating new members.
  • Planning 'open days' where potential new members can experience the club first hand.
CAN YOU HELP? YES! We held our first Open Day:
'Bring a Friend' on
Saturday 14th September 2019 from 9.30am – 4pm.
We will be holding more, and will publish the dates as soon as we can. Please help us by encouraging your friends, neighbours, family members etc to attend. We require helpers in the following roles (volunteers to Danny Brown or Paul Davies asp please):
  • On Open Day - Club Ambassador – to greet visitors on open day.
  • On Open Day - Coaching Assistant – assisting our coaches on open day.
  • After Open Day - New Member Facilitator – to be a 'buddy' to groups of new members, to provide friendly assistance to help them to settle in, and to try and find the answers to all those questions new members inevitably have!

 Noticeboard extract:
Stay Healthy, Stay Bowling! - article at website  
   - by David Lyon

There is an excellent article on website - Stay Healthy, Stay Bowling! - written by Lee Bell BSc (Hones), PGCE, MSc. Comments such as - If only you could find a way to work around those stiff joints and stubborn, aching muscles you'd be on top form for sure - really ring a bell!

Recommended reading for bowlers of all ages. Click on the link below to read it. There is also a link accessible via the Links menu item on the left of this page.

...Click here to view all detail with links.

 Coach's Corner:
LIBC Super Imps  
   - by Howard Jarrold

Junior Club Advance Notice

Part of the success of the Open day was the number of youngsters that came along. Past experience has taught us that we need to keep them interested and make sure that they have fun whilst at the same time learning the basics of bowling.
Betty and myself will be at the club on Sat. morning 20th Oct ( from 9am ) and joining us will be Hannah Urquhart , who has agreed to help. Hannah will be a great help in bridging the divide between the kids and us old fogeys. I am delighted to have her help. Thank you Hannah.
I have lots of ideas on how to make things more ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.


 Noticeboard extract:
Missing Keys! Can you Help?  
   - by Danny Brown

On Monday 21st October at around 2pm -2.45pm someone has (mistakenly)removed some keys from the gents changing area lockers that were in a locker door.

As a result, the gentleman who's keys they are, has lost his house key and locker key along with a number of other keys on the bunch!

If you were in the club on Monday and have a locker in the gents changing area, could you check that you have not picked the keys up in error please and let us know if they come to light.

 Noticeboard extract:
Singles Ladder Opportunities - Act Fast!  
   - by Danny Brown

The next cycle of the Tuesday Night Singles Ladder at LIBC will commence on 12th November 2019.

I already have two further names requesting a place in the ladder and - even if nobody drops out - we'll look to create another Division for any newcomers this time around.

If you wish to add your name to the list please talk to me or register your interest at the bar.

Sustained singles play of this nature is by far the best way to improve your game. It's two sets of 6 ends with a one end sudden death tiebreak if necessary. Matches are played at 8.30pm on Tuesday nights and are rostered for ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
Spot The 'Deliberate Mistake' !!  
   - by Danny Brown

My apologies to anyone who has accessed the Club Men's Pairs Draw in the last 24 hours and found that it differed to the one on the Competitions Notice Board!!
When uploading files with the O60s Secretary to display their competitions, the Men's Pairs file got 'redrawn' and uploaded in error instead of the Over 60s Pairs! The error was pointed out to me last night by a very vigilant Committee Member!
The draw has been reset to the original now which corresponds with the Notice Board. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

More Noticeboard -

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Today in the diary -

8:30 PMSingles ladder period 1
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