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If you feel as if your game is out of sorts and you keep making the same mistakes, here's an opportunity to address the problem.

It seems like bowls is the only game where coaching is considered to be for beginners only! In all other sports elite players benefit from coaching advice at the top of the game - so why not bowls? Surely a good coach is one who can spot problems, or see where a delivery action can be tweeked to achieve better results. This does not necessarily mean trying to make you conform to a text book action; more so working with what you've got.

Half an hour with a coach and a video camera and your game will improve.

INTERESTED? Leave your name and contact number at the club bar or just simply turn up on the day.

SESSIONS WITH HOWARD START ON WEDNESDAY MORNINGS BEGINNING 12TH OCTOBER between 8.30am and 10.30am. Come along and take advantage and improve your game!


Latest facebook: Friendly versus Nottingham   - by Danny Brown

Sunday 2nd October saw a terrific friendly hosted by our Nottingham friends and was thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately Lincoln was outclassed by a match score of 106 - 160 with only two rinks winning. Graham, Karen, Olwyn were narrowly beaten to the best Lincoln Rink award by Betty, John, Jim and Vi (pictured) . Thanks to Nottingham for a super friendship and a lovely meal afterwards
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Latest noticeboard: Didn't He Do Well!! - Local Lad Sam Wins Lincoln Open Singles Title   - by Danny Brown

After a hugely successful and well run event yet again on Saturday, Lincoln has a new star in long time club member Sam Ashton who took the Lincoln Open Singles title in a nail biting finale against Boston's Scott Whyers late into the evening to chalk up his first significant win on the Semi-Pro circuit.

The event was again sponsored by our good friends at Willows Building and Maintenance Ltd who's support enabled us to put a top prize of £800 to the winner with £350 to the runner up and cash prizes down to losing quarter finalists.

Sam is the very first Lincoln player to achieve the accolade of winning our open in it's nine year history. The feat makes for a great story for the club itself and the many people who have mentored Sam along his bowling career - not least his late grandparents Kath and Ron Scatliffe who many regulars will recall brought Sam and brother Richard into the club at a very young age - and latterly a number of top players who have taken Sam under their wing.

Sam has now discovered that he is as good a player as he needs to be to win titles and that bit of self belief that he never lacks on the outside may well now be there on the inside too - so look out for Sam now!!

I would like to add the club's thanks to the umpires, markers and all who helped out on the day including Roger Clark for presenting the prizes and by no means least, to Brian Jackman who's expertise of running events like this can always be counted on. Brian did a super job throughout the day and also managed to report live via the website in the closing stages as many people who couldn't attend followed the final end by end on their tablets and mobiles.

A Brian ably summed up, our Sam beat the National Premier Threes Champion, an ex World Champion and the current World Champion on his way to the title! Add to that a good victory over another of his great idols George Draper and a final victory over a really in form Scott Whyers and it was Sam's perfect day!

Just a word for Scott too, who himself has been knocking on the door for a few years playing solid matchplay bowls and deserves enormous credit for the way he played on the day. On another day it could have been Scott's title but it was to be Sam's day - a great result for Lincoln Indoor Bowls Club!
...Click here to view all detail with pictures.

Noticeboard extra: Lincoln Open Draw   - by Brian Jackman

Sam Ashton wins Lincoln Open.
Sam beat the world champion, the premier 3's champion and a former world champion on his way to become the first Lincoln winner of the Lincoln Open.
Click on link at bottom of page to see photo

Final Scott Whyers v Sam Ashton 6-4, 4-7, 0-2
Scott Whyers wins the first set 6-4
Second Set
Scott leads 3 - 0 after first end.
Scott leads 4 - 0 after 2 ends
Scott leads 4 - 1 after 3 ends
Scott leads 4 - 2 after 4 ends
Sams scores 2 shots to draw level after 5 ends
Sam leads 6 - 4 after 6 ends
Sams wins the second set 7 - 4
Tie break
1st end to Sam
2nd End and title to Sam.
Semi Finals
Scott Whyers v Steve Broome 9-4, 6-6
Billy Jackson v Sam Ashton 4-5, 7-3, 1-2

Sam Ashton v Ryan Atkins 6-9, 9-1,2-1
Paul Maynard v Billy Jackson 4-7, 4-9
Scott Whyers v Paul Roberts 13-0, 7-2
Steve Broome v Andy Ware 7-6, 7-6

Round 3
Rink 1 Wayne Willgress v Billy Jackson 0-10, 5-7
Rink 2 Andy Ware v Jamie Walker 10-4, 3-7, 2-1
Rink 3 Scott Whyers v Jane Squires 6-1, 12-0
Rink 4 Paul Maynard v Ian Clark 6-3, 8-3
Rink 5 Nick Brett v Sam Ashton 5-6, 4-6
Rink 6 Alan Dent Jnr. V Ryan Atkins 4-7, 0-13
Rink 7 Kevin Rands v Steve Broome 4-7, 8-1, 0-2
Rink 8 Paul Roberts v Penny Strong6-3, 4-7, 2-1

Friday 7th October 2016 at 8.30pm
MATCH 1 Rink 1 Alan Watts (Lincoln) v Adam Rhodes (Scunthorpe)8-4, 1-10, 2-0
MATCH 2 Rink 2 Sid East (Lincoln) v Barry Kinsley (Lincoln)8-3, 7-7
MATCH 3 Rink 3 Steve Derby (Lincoln) v Janet Crabb (Lincoln)7-3, 5-9, 2-1
MATCH 4 Rink 4 Will Bell (Lincoln) v Billy Jackson (Lincoln)4-7,4-8
MATCH 5 Rink 5 Tim Swann (Lincoln) v Tony Gilroy (Lincoln)6-6, 2-9
MATCH 6 Rink 6 Kevin Rands (Lincoln) v Jim Pullen (Lincoln)8-2, 8-4
MATCH 7 Rink 7 Greg Smith (Lincoln) v Lynda Jones (Lincoln) 7-2, 9-4
MATCH 8 Rink 8 Jane Squires (Lincoln) v Steve Traynor (Lincoln)7-4, 10-5

Saturday 8th October 8.30am
MATCH 9 Rink 1 David Bristow (Sleaford) v Alan Dent Jnr (Louth)3-6, 4-4
MATCH 10 Rink 2 Martin Dent (Erewash) v Sam Ashton (Lincoln)4-5, 2-11
MATCH 11 Rink 3 Alan Dent Snr (Louth) v Penny Strong (Lincoln)1-10, 5-3, 0-2
MATCH 12 Rink 4 Simon Dent (Louth) v Paul Roberts (Sleaford)3-8, 4-8
MATCH 13 Rink 5 Russell Dent (Louth) v Tony Barwell (Stamford)6-3, 2-12, 2-0
MATCH 14 Rink 6 Paul Johnson (Scunthorpe) v Ian Clarke (Boston)4-8, 1-7
MATCH 15 Rink 7 George Draper (Lincoln) v Mike Ramsden (Stamford)9-6, 12-3
MATCH 16 Rink 8 Jonathan West (Boston) v Matt Whyers (Spalding)4-7, 4-7

Saturday 8th October 10am
MATCH 17 Rink 1 Malcolm Jacobs (Cheshunt) v Ryan Atkins (Malvern)1-10, 6-6
MATCH 18 Rink 2 Keith Wall (Shrewsbury) v Ken Ferguson (Falaise) 8-1, 6-6
MATCH 19 Rink 3 Nick Brett (Ely v Paul Sharman (Carterton) 8-3, 7-3
MATCH 20 Rink 4 Scott Whyers (Boston) v Martin Shepherd (Chip Nort) 6-5, 9-6
MATCH 21 Rink 5 Rebecca Field (Norfolk) v Paul Maynard (Foxhill) 3-5, 5-3, 0-2
MATCH 22 Rink 6 Stephen Harris (Stam) v David Gascoigne (Bas'law)5-2, 9-4
MATCH 23 Rink 7 John Lopes (King George F) v Gary Morris (Skegness)1-8, 2-7
MATCH 24 Rink 8 Steve Broome (Welford) v Chris Brereton (Welford)8-2, 7-1

Saturday 8th October 11.30am
MATCH 25 Rink 1 Les Gillett (Melton) v Craig Newton (Hornsea)7-2,6-5
MATCH 26 Rink 2 Wayne Willgress (Norfk) v Mark Tomlinson (Bas'law)12-4, 11-2
MATCH 27 Rink 3 Jamie Walker v Jack Bird (Scarboro)7-2, 6-1
MATCH 28 Rink 4 Andy Ware (Ely) v Eddie Burns (Bassetlaw) 10-1, 11-1
MATCH 29 Rink 5 Josh Grant (Nottingham) v Ed Elmore (Ely)6-4, 3-8. 1-2
MATCH 30 Rink 6 Trevor Roberts (Falaise) v Sherod Winter (Charn'd)12-4, 4-9 0-2
MATCH 31 Rink 7 Dean Harrison (Leicester) v Stewart Douglas (E Loth)3-8, 0-8
MATCH 32 Rink 8 Robert Elmore (Ely) v Mark Banning (Barking)8-6, 10-5

ROUND TWO 1.15pm
MATCH 40 Rink 1 Sid East v Kevin Rands 5-9, 2-10
MATCH 38 Rink 2 Tony Gilroy v Billy Jackson 3-8, 3-8
MATCH 34 Rink 3 Greg Smith v Ian Clarke 5-7, 1-10
MATCH 37 Rink 4 Russell Dent v Jane Squires 3-6, 7-7
MATCH 39 Rink 5 Alan Dent Jnr. v Matt Whyers 4-9, 9-0,2-0
MATCH 35 Rink 6 Alan Watts v Penny Strong 5-6, 5-5
MATCH 33 Rink 7 Paul Roberts v Steve Derby 5-9, 7-3, 2-1
MATCH 36 Rink 8 George Draper v Sam Ashton 5-8, 5-8

ROUND TWO 2.45pm
MATCH 46 Rink 1 Keith Wall v Scott Whyers 4-5, 4-3, 0-2
MATCH 43 Rink 2 Stephen Harris v Nick Brett 6-1, 6-7,1-2
MATCH 45 Rink 3 Ryan Atkins v Gary Morris 2-5, 8-2, 2-0
MATCH 48 Rink 4 Robert Elmore v Steve Broome 6-4, 4-7, 2-1
MATCH 41 Rink 5 Jamie Walker v Les Gillett 7-2, 8-1
MATCH 42 Rink 6 Wayne Willgress v Stewart Douglas 6-5, 9-0
MATCH 44 Rink 7 Ed Elmore v Paul Maynard 6-8, 8-1, 1-2
MATCH 47 Rink 8 Andy Ware v Sherod Winteron 9-4, 10-0

QUARTER FINALS are Open Draw on the day
...Click here to view all detail with pictures.

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Away game - start 1:00 PM1.00pm Trudy Bates v Scunthorpe (a)
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